Crazy week, lockdown week 3

Hey all,

What a crazy week this has been from t-shirts to snow and back to t-shirts again 🙂 but it keeps everything interesting.  So having done tons of gardening and pruning I just hope everything survives after the snow.

Week 3 of our lockdown nearly finished and for some reason this week has flown by.  Although we have been restricted even more on movements and really only allowed out within our local comune (council) except for emergencies.  This is supposed to last until 4th April but I can imagine it will go on long past that.

We have been on lots of walks so I am sure by the end of it will know every path, which ones go in a loop, which ones have briars across the route which one has wide streams and which have some great flowers. Next week I am insisting we go back to the stream to build a bridge across – could be a long long project.

Auto Draft                                            Crazy week, lockdown week 3

Other news, Mik made a cake and it was pretty good.  I’m working on a plan to get him to do one every week then he can start selling them when we finish lockdown 🙂

Stay safe as always.