Family fun walk

Time to take a break, chill out and see what nature brings.  Today was time for a picnic, so rather than going stir crazy we packed up a small lunch with juices and water and headed to the hills.

It really is just amazing without any traffic noise, airplanes and only the sound of nature around.  It’s incredible how loud the bees buzz and geckos lizards rustle in the leaves and you know they are there but not sure exactly where.  Too early to be a snake as it’s still a bit cold in the evening times.

A wild boar and mate were drinking from the puddles but ran off as soon as they saw us.  Had to wait for a while to make sure there was not a family behind them as they can get a little bit irate if you separate the family but nope this time there was only two of them.  No time for a picture they are quick when they want to move 🙂

stay safe