Is winter coming?

Is winter coming?

It really is a wonderful time of year to be in Italy, Umbria especially as it is sunny and warm.  There are still the bees buzzing around and yet log fires on during the evening.  I’m not sure when winter is really going to arrive but so far it’s more like a cool autumn time of year.

I just love the sunrise and sunsets as they are always so colourful at this time of year.  Going out for a walk or run in the late morning then returning and having a warm cup Cappuccino or Caffe` latte is the best feeling in the world.

I’m trying out some Vibram Fivefingers shoes and finding them great fun even on our rocky roads although my calves are taking a bit of a pounding.  Hopefully in a few weeks they will be really easy to put on and the calves will have got used to the new style of running, which currently is more like a shuffle.

Have fun and hopefully see you soon.

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