Lockdown ground hog day

So here we are, again 🙂  halfway through the third week of lockdown.  Not convinced we will be allowed out by 4th April since the numbers of deaths and new cases are not reducing hugely but we are well and doing all our jobs so not too much of a concern…

Nearly a week of good weather thinking of getting out the shorts but definitely in tshirts and caps to keep out the sun then ~B~O~O~M overnight snow. Which decided to stay …. go figure that one out.

It did look good and I won the bet from months ago when we said if and how much snow we were going to get so all is good.  Hopefully Mik will make a cake today in celebration.

lockdown ground hog day 1

Hoping the sun will come out again and the plants that were just pruned (arghhh) survive.


Stay safe