So today our dishwasher decided it was going to take a break.   Being the never say never type of person and with a bit of time on my hands decided to give it a go to fix it.

Drainage working fine but no water getting in …hmmm.  Last time it decided to have a holiday it was because the drain was blocked so a quick rodding followed by acid worked the trick.  Not the same symptoms but all worth a go.  Now in Italy you can get some really really strong acid for drains which by chance we had.  But no despite the incredible smell and fumes you get nothing happened.  Dishwasher still beeping when trying to fill with water.

Ok so checked the filter for both inlet from tap and inlet to dishwasher – nope no joy just a wet floor.

Pull out dishwasher and take off the sides – yep looks like the water sensor valve has broken 🙁  So do I order one online or wait……….

It’s at this time when you really feel reluctant to call out the repair guy.  But he must be struggling for business and I really would like to make sure he survives in the current climate.  So a real dilemma    1. would he want to do home visits?? 2. if it was a faulty part which I suspect then he would have to come twice!!!  3. Is it really that much of a problem anyway?  4. decision made – add Fairy washing liquid to the shopping list for next trip and wait until we are released for moving around 🙂 🙂 5. change of plan, part ordered and fitted – whoooo we now have a working dishwasher

The boiler in the apartment stopped working, Steve had watched the repair guy before so 5 minutes later boiler working again.

Its amazing how self sufficient you can become

Stay safe